December 23, 2022

2023-03-27 | 20:57:27

"Hines has always come through and the owner is a great guy."
May 11, 2022

Dan Bolten | 2022-04-13 19:36:06

"Eric & his helper were able to fit us in the day we called for a snake out of a plugged kitchen sink. Thanks so much. Friendly guys solved our problem quickly. "
April 12, 2022

Crystal | 2022-04-05 08:11:10

"Hines is the best ever, reasonably priced and they do a great job. They have fit me in to their very busy schedule to make sure I had water! "
August 30, 2021

Reasonable Costs/Great Service

"We had our circulator pump spark on a Saturday afternoon. I called and they quickly returned my call and came to our house within an hour of my call. The cost for weekend rates was reasonable and we were helped out! Love having Hines on our side."
August 24, 2021

2021-09-03 | 16:01:55