Electrical Services in Marathon, NY

Electrical work is dangerous. If you’re not licensed and adequately trained, you could seriously injure yourself and others. Hines Plumbing, Heating, & A/C is an electrical company with years of experience helping families and businesses throughout Marathon, NY. We know the necessary precautions to keep you safe while installing, repairing or replacing electrical appliances and components.

Electrical Installation Service

From new ceiling fans and light fixtures to whirlpool tubs and business interior displays, it’s important to have an electrician on your side when there are new installations on the horizon. Don’t play DIY when it comes to electrical! Be confident in calling one of our electricians for the new electrical fixture installations you need. Big or small, we’ll get them integrated into your home or business electrical accordingly. We can also wire-in new outlets and fixtures.

  • Electrical box work
  • Hardwired smoke detectors
  • Install and replace fixtures
  • Rough ends of electrical
  • Switches
  • Thermostat wiring

Electrical Repair Work

Do your lights flicker when you turn on the coffee maker? Constantly blowing fuses when you plug in the air fryer? It’s hard to see electrical issues like a double-tapped breaker or an overloaded circuit, which means you need to keep a lookout for the symptoms. If you think you have electrical problems lurking behind your walls, give us a call. We’re the electrical company Marathon, Killawog, and Lapeer, NY home and business owners trust to set their systems right. We’ll provide you with the diagnosis and electrical work needed to solve any issue.

Power Up With Us

When you need an electrician you can trust, call Hines Plumbing, Heating, & A/C at 607-849-6119. We take a careful approach to electrical installation and repair work, so you can have peace of mind each time you flip on the lights in your home or business.